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Main idea and offers

As you understand, my main idea consist in alternative to standard and typical commercial (mass) tourism in Crimea. I try to show you little known but unique sights.
I prefer work with small individual (family) groups consist 1-4 persons. Please, have in view that we usually complete our program during 3-4 days average.

I divide our trips for several ways: excursions (visiting sights and interesting places according our plan), hiking (outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments), green tourism or ecotourism (visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas), expeditions (journey undertaken for a specific purpose: archaeology, paleontology etc.), joy-ride (picnics, fishing, beaches, wine-testing). In my practice we often use different ways at once and realize several schemes according your desire and interests. You can see the list and short description some of our sights here.

If you want try to feel yourself like a real traveler, I offer you hiking for several days or journey across the seashore with overnight stops onto the wild beaches in tents.

All activities have a main purpose to make a good rest and educate the traveler.

How it will be realize in practice?

Step 1. You choose a sights or a program which you planning during your visit Ukraine and Crimea or just listen your impulsive decision about your future Crimean’s trip.

Step 2. Let me know about your future trip – we will discuss in details our program.

Step 3. Your destination is international airport Simferopol (SIP) or Simferopol railway station – I will meet up you there and we will start our journey.