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Welcome to the Crimea

Hello, dear friends!

I'm Yura from Ukraine. I live in the Crimea. I'm traveler and often spend my time in ocean expeditions in the Atlantic, Indian oceans and in the Mediterranean and the Black seas also. But I really like my native land and know interesting places and sights there which still unknown other tourists. Besides I interested in archaeology, paleontology, ecology and ethnography also.
I have a grate and different outdoor experience and always makes active style of my life and live fast. Often I dedicate my free time to other people who needs well experienced tour guide for journey.
This site designed for active people who like get to know new interesting places, cultures, emotions and feelings. If you will have planing your trip in Ukraine one day, it will be reprehensible if you are not use the opportunity to visit the Crimea peninsular!
If you still doubt, I would like remain you famous words our well known physiologist - Ivan Pavlov. He said: "The best rest not in the idleness but in the change of activity".
Well, if you want a bit feel yourself as real traveler, archaeologist or geologist or just make walking with camera on heels, steppe, mountains or may be you would like to see nice wild beaches and shores which penetrate centuries-old history tribes and cultures from Paleolith to Middle Ages - anyway I say you once more "WELCOME TO THE CRIMEA!"

News and Notes

27.04.2013 в 20:43
The National Geographic Traveler editors present the new year's 20 must-see places. One of them is the Crimea.